Slough Creek Vineyard

Amid a hunt for winemaking equipment and Kansas grapes, the team at Aubrey Vineyards discovered this former Kansas winery and mature vineyard near Oskaloosa that was for sale. In late 2012, Aubrey Vineyards acquired this 60 acre property. Grapes grown there in 2013 were then used to start wine production in Overland Park, Kansas. The vineyard has continued to provide high-quality grapes for the production of Kansas wine by Aubrey Vineyards.

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Now that the Overland Park vineyard has started producing grapes, we have listed this property for sale, including a 5 acre vineyard, a 4 bedroom residence, various outbuildings and a combined winery/tasting room building that’s visible from Highway 92, which runs between Oskaloosa and Perry Lake. To inquire about purchasing this property, contact